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本公司於2019年成立,關注所有關於老年的議題。 高齡化社會的來臨,人們漸漸發現身旁的老人家越來越多,現有的公共政策與日常生活用品已經無法滿足“健康老化”的需求。 我們是一群覺醒的“未來老人”,我們許下願望:透過健全的準備能讓我們以快樂的心情迎接自適老年生活! 我們都會變老,但要活得快樂、健康、不會造成下一代的負擔。 我們許下願望,分享我們的資訊和理念,幫助所有面臨共同挑戰的朋友。
We-Join Ageless Company (Club), was established in 2019 and focuses on all issues related to old age.
Chinese “Hao Ling”, means a time to enjoy forgetting your age, seeking to achieve physical and mental balance. In the We-Join Ageless Club, we carefully select high-quality products to take you to enjoy the life of a good age!
With the advent of an aging society, people are gradually discovering that there are more and more elderly people around them, and the existing public policies and daily necessities can no longer meet the needs of "healthy aging".
We are a group of awakened "old people in the future", we make a wish: through sound preparation, we can welcome a happy and comfortable old age life!
We will all get old, but we must live happily and healthy without burdening the next generation.

We make a wish, share our information and ideas, and help all friends facing common challenges.
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  • Addrese: No. 507, Qingyun Rd., Huwei Township, Yunlin County 632 , Taiwan (R.O.C.)